Why You Should Buy From Us

Locally Owned and Operated. Which means the money stays in the local community.

We Service the Computers that We Sell. It can take weeks to get a computer back from an out of town supplier (or a local supplier with their head office out of town), this can be frustrating when the problem is just a file deleted by the user. We can normally have a computer back to the owner within a day.

Expert Advice. We can recommend a system that will suit your needs. We won't try and push you into a system that is an over kill for your needs, or one that is not powerful enough for you.

Discount Prices.

Free Phone Support on systems purchased from us. We can help you with most problems over the phone.

Free User Manual. We have developed our own step by step manual on how to use Windows and many other programs. Our customers compliment us on how easy our manual is to follow.

Upgrade Options Available. Get your System running the way you want it. (Mainly applies to our Made to Order Computers).

In workshop or onsite Services Available. We can provide qualified technicians/support staff to carry out: troubleshooting and repairs of computers, laptops and tablets both PC and Mac. Installation of new equipment, network setups, broadband hookups and more. For the Home user we can provide tutoring on a variety of software programmes, plus demonstrate how to safely backup your data.